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How to download sublime text 3 and install package control

Sublime Text is a premium and most powerful text editor for code. I am using this code editor for wring code and making web applications. It’s available for Windows, MAC, and Linux versions. I love this code editor for awesome performance, eye-catchy interface, and features. Now Sublime Text 3 is the laest version available on their website.

Sublime Text 3 Official Download Link:

Download Sublime Text 3 from official website.

Download Sublime Text 3 in Any Linux Version

Download Sublime Text 3 Official Website
Download Sublime Text 3 from Official Website

Just click on the red box marked link in the screenshot to download Sublime Text 3. For windows version Sublime text 3, just click on the Windows link. For MAC version Sublime Text 3, just click on the OS X link.

Links to Download Sublime Text 3 from Unofficial Website:

Download Sublime Text 3 Windows Version from Filehippo

Download Sublime Text 3 Mac and Windows Version from Softonic

Download Sublime Text 3 Windows Version from CNET

Download Sublime Text 3 Mac Version from CNET

Download Sublime Text 3 Windows Version from FileHorse

Downlaod Sublime Text 3 Mac Version from Macupdate

It’s a free version. So you can use the free version for a limited time. If you want to use sublime text 3 for a lifetime, You have to purchase a license from its official website. You will need to pay $80 to use the Sublime Text Lifetime version.

Click to Buy Sublime Text 3 for Lifetime

Don’t buy this software from unofficial source because they give you pirated version. So it’s illigal and dangerous for your computer.

How to Use Sublime Text 3 License Code

After purchasing the Sublime Text 3 license code, Open Sublime Text 3. Go to Help > Enter License from Sublime Text top bar. In the License window, copy and paste the purchased license key from your email. Then click on the Use License button. Tha’s it. Now enjoy the full version of Sublime Text 3 .

Sublime Text 3 use license
Sublime Text 3 Enter License Code

Install Package Control in Sublime Text 3

Package control is used to install extra features or package in Sublime Text 3. If you want to install themes and any package in Sublime Text 3, You need to install package control. More than 2500 packages available in the package control manager. Also, You can install other packages from GitHub or BitBucket repository through package control. It’s an easy process to install package control in Sublime Text 3. Let’s Begin Installation

  • Install and open Sublime Text 3. Than press ctrl+shift+p in Windows/ Linux or cmd+shift+p in MAC.
  • Type Install Package Control, press Enter.
  • This will automatically download and install the latest version package control in your Sublime Text.

Also, You can install it manually by following this steps:

  • Click the Preferences > Browse Packages menu.
  • Browse Installed packages directory.
  • Download Package Control. sublime-package and copy it into the Installed Packages directory.
  • Restart Sublime Text.

Install Packages in Package Control

After installing package control in sublime text 3, Open Package Control by click on  Preferences > Package Control.

Install Package Control in Sublime Text 3

After open package control, Click on the Install package. Now select your favorite package and press Enter to install it. Also, You can download any packages from the Package Control official website.


I hope you downloaded and installed Sublime Text 3 properly from those websites. It’s a very easy process. If you have any questions regarding Sublime Text 3 and Package Control please comment below. I will try my best to help you. Thank You

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