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How to Install WordPress on XAMPP

WordPress is the most popular CMS in the world. Over 50% of websites in this world are using WordPress. So if you are learning WordPress, You need to create a local wordpress website on your computer. How can you install wordpress on your computer? To install WordPress on your computer, You have to install XAMPP to run localhost.

What is XAMPP?

XAMPP is free and open-source software. It was developed by Apache Friends. XAMPP stands for Cross-Platform(X), Apache(A), MariaDB(M), PHP(P), and Perl(P). Cross-Platform means anyone can install this software on any computer any operating system. It contains Apache, PHP, Perl, and MariaDB, etc. XAMPP software helps you to run a local server or Apache server inside your computer. So you can run or developed any kind of web application on XAMPP.

The XAMPP software gives you a proper environment to run Apache, MYSQL, PHP and Perl project in your computer.

Let’s start the process to install wordpress on XAMPP:

Step 1: Install XAMPP on your computer

To install WordPress locally on your computer, You need to download and install XAMPP first. So, You can download any version of XAMPP from the Apache Friends website.

I am using Windows 10 64bit. That’s why I am downloading the windows version of XAMPP. Also, You can choose any PHP version as your requirements.

XAMPP Download

After downloading XAMPP, Lunch the executable installer to Install XAMPP software on your computer.

Start Installing XAMPP

Just click Next to continue

Next page, You can choose all components to need to install inside XAMPP. As for WordPress requirements, You just need to install PHP and phpMyAdmin. Then click the Next button.

Installation Folder XAMPP

After that, You can change your XAMPP installation folder. But I leave it as default and click Next.

Select Language XAMPP

Once you click Next, You need to select a language for XAMPP. If you want the English language, Leave it as default and click on next button.

Ready To Install XAMPP

Now XAMPP is ready to install. Just click on next and finish the installation.

Finish Installation XAMPP

Just click on Finish button start XAMPP control panel.

Step 2: Start Apache and MySQL

After opening the XAMPP Control Panel, you need to start APACHE and MySQL by clicking on the start button.

Apache and MYSQL XAMPP

Now open any browser on your computer & visit http://localhost. If the XAMPP dashboard appears, You installed XAMPP successfully on your computer.

Start Localhost XAMPP

Step 3: Creating a Database for WordPress

To begin the WordPress installation, You need a create an MYSQL database in XAMPP. How you can create a database in XAMPP? No Worries. It’s an easy process. Just visit or Click on MySQL admin button from XAMPP control panel. After phpMyAdmin appears, Just click on Databases at the top.

XAMPP phpMyAdmin

Now enter a name in the Database Name field and click on create button. You can enter any name in this field but you will need to enter it into the next step. So, remember it.

Enter Database XAMPP

In XAMPP, You don’t need to create a database user. XAMPP default database username is root and no password. If you want, you can create a user from phpMyAdmin.

Step 4: Download and Extract WordPress

It’s an easy process to download WordPress. At first, Go to WordPress Official website and download WordPress’s latest version.

Download WordPress

After downloading WordPress, You need to extract all WordPress source files in the XAMPP htdocs directory. In windows, the XAMPP default directory is C://xampp . But you can navigate your XAMPP directory by clicking on the Explorer button in the XAMPP control panel. Then create a new directory in htdocs. This directory name will be used to access your WordPress site. An Example, I created a directory called wp in htdocs. So, now I can access my WordPress using http://localhost/wp.

After creating the directory, Extract all the files from wordpress .zip into this directory. An Example, I extracted all the WordPress source files in the XAMPP wp directory.

Extract WordPress in XAMPP

Step 5: Install WordPress through Localhost

To begin WordPress installation, Just visit your WordPress directory through localhost. So, Go to http://localhost/your_wp_directory on any browser on your computer. An Example, My WordPress URL is http://localhost/wp. Then, select your WordPress site language and click on the continue button. After WordPress installation welcome menu appears, click on the Let’s Go button.

Begin WordPress Installation

Now enter your previously created database name in the Database Name field. Username as root and Password as blank. Leave it Database Host and Table Prefix as default. Then click on Submit button. My database configuration:

Wordpress Database Install

After entering all credentials properly, Click on run the installation button. Then the next step to enter your WordPress Sitename, Username, Password, Email and Click on Install WordPress.

Once you complete the installation process, You should see a WordPress Installation Success message. Now you can visit your test WordPress site through localhost. Here is my test WordPress:

You can access your WordPress dashboard by visiting http://localhost/your_wp/wp-admin. Then, log in your dashboard using your username and password. That’s it.

Also, You can edit and develop any wordpress themes plugin with sublime text editor.


I hope you learned step by step process to install wordpress on XAMPP. It’s an easy process. If you failed to install wordpress on xampp, Please comment below. I will try to help you as much as i can.

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