About Online Internet Speed Test

Do you know your real internet speed? Test your realtime online internet connection speed with our webcods online internet speed test tool for free.

Before test your internet speed, please disconnect your all type of device from WiFi router or Enternet cable to get accurate internet speed measurement. To know your country and internet provider internet speedtest ranking, click here to see global internet speed test index.

Here is our online speed test result screenshot:

Online Internet Speed Test

How Does Our Online Internet Speed Test Work?

Our Online Internet Speed Test is powered by world most popular internet speed test website OOKLA Speedtest.net. So' it's 100% accurate.

This Online Internet Speed Test tool is created with HTML5 and Javascript, Which test your realtime internet speed through your internet browser online. When you start testing internet speed, Our online speed test tool will automatically select your nearest host server based on your location to get your real internet speed.

Our online internet speed test tool doesn't download or upload any file on your computer to test your internet speed. It's safe for your computer. However, our online internet speed test also tests the ping and jitter in your internet connection.

What you should look at in your speed test results?

Our internet speed test tools give you full details about your internet connection. It will show you your internet connection Ping, Jitter, Download Speed and Upload Speed, but also your internet provider IP address and host server location.

Here’s we explain about what each part of your internet speed test results means:


Ping measures how long it takes for simple data to be traveled from your device to an internet server and back again to your device. The ping is measured in ms (milliseconds). Higher ping will causes issue while playing games, live video and video call.


Jitter isn't very important. But when you stream videos or playing games online, A high jitter can make buffering, glitchy-sound or other interruptions. The higher the jitter score means the inconsistent internet connection. So, Jitter is measures of the variation between response time. If your internet connection is good and reliable, which is represented as a lower jitter score.


Download speed is how fast you can receive data from a server on the internet to your device. Download speed measured as Mega Bit Per Second (MBPS) or millions of bits per second. But don't confused with megabytes(MB).

Most of the internet connection download speed is faster than upload. To watch videos and social media, you need a minimum of 10 MBPS internet connection. If you want to play games online or stream HD videos, you need a minimum of 25 MBPS or faster internet speed.


Upload speed is how fast send data from your device to the internet. Upload speed also measured in MBPS. To send large files via email or talk to someone online in video call, you need faster download speed.

Normally upload speed is slower than download speed. because of you receive data to your device more than send data to the internet.