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About Wordpress Password Hash Generator

Our WordPress Password Hash Generator tools help to create a password hash for the latest version of WordPress. Just Enter your new password in our tools input field and click on Generate WordPress Password Hash. It will give a random password hash instantly for your WordPress database. 

I suggest you use our strong password generator tools to create a strong password for your WordPress site. Then this password for the password generator and paste into the WordPress Password Hash Generator tools to create a password hash. Our WordPress Password Hash Generator is working properly with any latest version of WordPress.

What is WordPress Password Hash?

The password hash is a one-way encrypted string that converts password into the mixed text letters. Then stored these strings in the database. So no one can convert the hash to the password is almost impossible. In WordPress, when you create an account, WordPress stored your password in the database by converting your password into a hash. WordPress using its own PHP hashing algorithm to convert password into the hash. Because when any WordPress site is hacked, hackers can't read or crack WordPress password hash into the text password. Each WordPress site is generating a random password hash for the same password. That's why WordPress password hash is very secured and strong.

How to Use WordPress Password Hash Generator Tools?

You can easily reset your WordPress passwords by generating a password hash. Just enter your new WordPress password in the input field and click on Generate WordPress Password Hash button. Then copy the generated password hash by clicking on the Copy Hash button.

Wordpress Password Hash Generaot Tools

After that, log in to your website cpanel or Hosting control panel. Then go to phpMyAdmin. Then locate your WordPress database and click on the wp_users table. Now replace your forgotten password hash with the newly generated WordPress password hash in the user_pass field for your username.

Wordpress Password Hash